CLS architetti has decided to dedicate the front part of the church to celebrate cultural and artistic disciplines. A place, crossing the threshold of the church, moving towards the city. A space that will give a voice to different languages: Architecture/Design, Art, Music, Cinema and Literature.

The Birth of CLS Factory

CLS factory is opening its doors to give a space and a voice to the world of culture in a transverse and contemporary promotion and display of exhibitions, performances, installations and concerts. The church becomes a place to meet, exchange, debate and reference, and in doing so discovers and investigates ways to create cultural trends.

The people leading this project will oversee work selected by a professional committee and formed by the curators of the cultural world evolving into a calender of events open to the public.

The first date in this calender was the secret concert and first performance in Italy of Lykke Li, a famous Swedish singer, during the evening event for the inauguration of “Studio nella Chiesa”.

The date in April, during the Salone del Mobile from the 16th to the 19th, welcomes It’s All About Meal, a project by Massimiliano Locatelli about the design of tables mise en place.

The first exhibition took place in May 2015, which will coincide with the Milan World Expo, was “Angelic Sisters”. This event brought together the sounds and performances of five artists. Genesis P-Orrige, Stefan Tcherepnin, Anne Imhof, John Amleder and Mai Thu Perret were  invited to construct a world within the church all together. They paid hommage to the story of the church through dialogue between visual arts, performing arts, music, literature and architecture.

Any revenue raised as a result of CLS factory will be donated to a restoration program, with the objective of restoring life and splendour to the works of art found within the church.

Panorama d’Italia
Milan 2017

Client: Design e Architettura - Lectio Magistralis with Massimiliano Locatelli in Chiesa di San Paolo Converso
Date: October 20th 2016