Glass House
Milano 2003

A transparent volume seems to have been “laid” on the seventh floor of a building in central Milan. The light and the view have served as inspiration for the whole project, which is based on the typical lofts found in New York. The structure aims to serve as a space from which to contemplate the world outside it, and has thus been realized wholly in iron, with walls and a part of the roof in glass. The dwelling is divided into two large “rectangles” which enclose the living area and the bedroom area, respectively. The living area (living room, kitchen and dining room) features a wall entirely in glass. The upper half can be opened; when it is open along its whole length it can be used as a terrace overlooking the city, right in front of the Spanish walls. The part of the house dedicated to sleeping is of somewhat smaller proportions, with more intimate areas that disappear behind sliding panels.

CLIENT: Private
TYPE: Residential