House Kit X F4D
Milano 2012

The project has been realized in cooperation with the UN, thanks to Franca Sozzani in her capacity as Goodwill Ambassador for the fashion department of the United Nations. The concept is inspired by the demand for modular expandable homes which could house a small family, but at the same time grow with it. The project is based on three recycled materials: corrugated sheet metal, wood and bamboo mats, combined with scaffolding and rubber. Three mini-housing units have been built; they may be assembled and expanded by the family itself; the modularity of the units makes it possible to add new elements made from materials locally available at a later stage. The houses have been built by three different companies; they were exhibited in Piazza Fontana in connection with the Milan Furniture Fair and then sent to Africa, where they serve as model for the construction of micro-housing modules.

CLIENT: CLS Architetti
TYPE: Design