Milano 2012

The project has been realized inside the court of a building, illuminated thanks to the demolition of a pre-existing dome. The light from the large central opening has given the building a new life, by creating a new perspective and allowing daylight into it. The dome has been replaced by a roof garden; the roof is partially in glass, and partially opened to form an atrium which goes down to the ground floor, bringing light to the central court and all the rooms along the perimeter of the rectangle. The existing building has been revealed in all its beauty: the sculpted details, the arches, its historical value. One enters a completely white, contemporary space, a space made from concrete which coexists with a Nineteenth-century arched cloister. The rooms are closed by glazed fronts which make it possible to insulate every group of children acoustically, but which at the same time allow an open view of the sequence of spaces. The project, developed in collaboration with Reggio Children, stages a number of experiments: every child has his or her own kitchen garden on the roof, there is a swimming pool, a classical gym and one made for yoga. The space is intentionally neutral, to encourage the children to express themselves freely. The children’s countries of origin are reflected by the places where the furniture have been made; there are pieces inspired by elements from Italian kindergartens from the Fifties, as the stool in metal and untreated birch or the multiuse armchair which may be used as a stool for adults; both have been made in Vietnam. The tables and chairs in the canteen area, which are made in China, remind of the chairs found in old taverns.

CLIENT: Clorofilla
TYPE: Commercial