Marella Store
Milano 2013

The design for Marella, a line produced by the Max Mara Group, has demanded an original concept in order to highlight the personality and contemporary trend of the brand. The research has led to a reflection on how every woman is unique, because nobody has the same skin colour. This is why every room vaunts a different shade of pink. The interior design consists of elements which suggest a domestic dimension of an international kind; the interior walls have been “cut” to create a space which is shared but at the same time private and perceived as an open and undivided area. Materials and furniture contribute to create different atmospheres, giving every room a distinctive character; the dressing room reserved for special customers stands out from all the other rooms because of its more intense pink surfaces. The new shop in Milan is organized on three floors, connected by a minimalistic stairs covered in pink marble. The rooms are separated by suspended walls which do not reach the floor, thus allowing the observer to envision the rooms of an imaginary house.

CLIENT: Marella
TYPE: Commercial