Hanoi 2012

The heart of the project consists of the fact that three levels have been linked together by a central, connecting element, a large prism in glass, crossed by the overhead light – on the central level serves as space for Buddhist meditation, on the lower floor it becomes a large suspended lamp, and on the upper floor it forms the living room table. If this “diamond” represents the heart of the home, the project as a whole is characterized by the use of traditional Vietnamese materials, in a contemporary and international key, exemplified by the lacquered cabinets, the door frames in handcrafted stone, the three roots used as washbasins, the white porcelains of the “books” lining all the walls in a bathroom, the silk embroidery made by women in Hanoi, the bathroom walls covered by hand-chiselled marble scales (dragon skin) or bamboo canes lining the walls of the guest room. The interior is completed by art works by Alexander May, Gaetano Pesce, Salvini and Babled.

CLIENT: Private
TYPE: Residential