Milano 2013

The Pinko concept realized for Milan and subsequently exported to other countries features the introduction of a unique work of art in each shop, created specifically for that space. Danish artist Steven Scott has been invited to the show room in via Montenapoleone; he works with light, especially with brown light, and has realized a work installed in the ceiling, where the light changes continuously, with ever-changing hues. The work changes continuously, thus creating a movement which continuously alters the surroundings. The project realized for the shop in Via Montenapoleone creates the atmosphere of a contemporary middle class interior, inspired by the Fifties and Sixties. All walls are covered by different wallpapers which have been created by photographing and digitally rendering samples of precious period tapestries. The VIP room, which contains the evening collection, is wholly covered by an original hand-woven tapestry in straw. The furniture also reflects Milanese style, as Zanuso’s Sleep-o-matic covered in brown velvet and silk, structures in brushed brass and the large portals in rusted iron which cut the space.

TYPE: Commercial