Salone del Mobile
Milano 2017

Form can be discovered as being the nature of something, and designs emulate the use of the laws of nature at a precise moment in time by bringing them to a state of being through the play of light.
Louis Kahn

Massimiliano Locatelli has created a new collection, on view during the FuoriSalone 2017. Combining the design ability of an architect with the creative impulse of the craftsman, Massimiliano Locatelli draws inspiration from the world around him and the settings in which he works. He has developed and adhered to the codes that have become his trademark: configuration in groupings and nomadism of objects. Objects that are able to adapt to outdoor and indoor use, depending on the needs of the moment. Materials and forms taken from nature: marble, mortar with crushed earthenware, sunlight and foliage. Massimiliano Locatelli has observed the reality of constructions and worksites, studied the irregular forms of mosaics, and the precious materials embedded in Milanese terrazzo. He has then enlarged them, breaking them up, transforming and enhancing them. His furnishings come from a new concept of forms and compositions in line with the definition of the architect and the Italian tradition.