Bologna 2014

The building is composed of an older part and a more modern part designed to increase the existing area, transforming the rural house into a four-story villa.

The envisioned architectural design incorporated the existing external portico, making it part of the living area to bring a new dimension to the spaces.

Renovation of the attic has permitted the creation of a zone for music and guests.

Excavation of a portion of the hillside has made it possible to build a new glass volume: a facade on the back that becomes a contemporary front.

The building is thus entirely covered with ecological thermal cladding, creating insulation from the external climate and reducing energy consumption. The windows meet current standards. The house does not lose warmth in the winter and remains cool in the summer, deploying all the devices of energy-saving design.

Every detail of the construction has been developed to safeguard nature, from the ecological and contemporary materials to the salvaged wood flooring, and the natural lime plaster free of chemical additives.