Date: 05-2015
Article: Milan Architectural Highlight
Publication: Elledecoration UK
Pages: 246-247

Date: 04-2015
Article: Marella Milano
Publication: Luce
Pages: 86-87-88-89

Date: 04-2015
Article: Design Reale
Publication: DDN
Pages: 12-13-14

Date: 04-2015
Article: E il design entra in chiesa
Publication: Corriere della Sera

Date: 04-2015
Article: Hanoi mon amour
Publication: INTERNI
Pages: 40-47

Date: 03-2015
Article: The divine office of Massimiliano Locatelli
Publication: The Wall Street Journal
Pages: 50-57

Date: 02-2015
Article: Accogliere poi vendere
Publication: Corriere della Sera Moda
Page: 28

Date: 04-2014
Article: Tutta Casa e Giardino
Publication: Io Donna
Pages: 90-94

Date: 04-2014
Article: Vivere nel piu’ piccolo
palazzo del ‘700 a Milano
Publication: Elle Decor
Pages: 288-289

Date: 12-2012
Article: Clorofilla in Interni
Publication: Ed. Mondadori
Pages: 20-25

Date: 03-2011
Article: Retail Directory,
Runway Ho Chi Minh City
Publication: Wallpaper
Page: 125

Date: 2011
Article: Vietnam in Italia
Architettura 5
Publication: Utet Scienze Tecniche
Pages: 70-63

Date: 2010

Publication: Das-magazine
Pages: 44-47

Date: 08-2010
Article: Good morning Vietnam
Publication: Case da abitare
Page: 30

Date: 10-2010
Article: interiors & architecture
Publication: Ed. Mondadori
Pages: 38-43

Date: 05-2010
Article: Lia Rumma al cubo
Publication: Io Donna
Pages: 56-58

Date: 04-2010
Article: Rauf in Gruêne
Publication: AD Architectural Digest
Pages: 158-165

Date: 08-2010
Article: The Frozen Snow World,
Boutique runway in Vietnam
Publication: ID+C
Pages: 56-59

Date: 06-2008
Article: Camera con vista
Publication: Interni
Pages: 2-9

Date: 01-2007
Article: Cleis By Osvaldo Borsani
for Tecno
Publication: Zoo Germany
Page: 72

Date: 06-2006
Article: Atico en Milan
Publication: Neo2
Pages: 54-57

Date: 09-2006
Article: Eco Vacanze
Publication: Io Donna
Pages: 184-189

Date: 12-2005
Article: Costruttori di idee
Publication: Abitare
Page: 88

Date: 10-2005
Article: Fashion Showroom
Viktor & Rolf
Publication: Abitare
Pages: 218-224

Date: 09-2004

Pages: 73-81

Date: 09-2004
Article: Flying Villa
Publication: Interni
Pages: 61-64

Date: 02-2004
Article: Showroom Missoni
Publication: Abitare
Pages: 50-55

Date: 2003
Article: Color & Materials in 77
Publication: Higly Cretaive Interior Designers
Pages: 26-27

Date: 04-2003
Article: Come una serra
Publication: The Fashion Weekly Megazine
Page: 39

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